Each dish is delicious, filling and quick to serve.

So far I have only tasted two of the 8 dishes ordered, but I found them very tasty. The chicken with pineapple and the turkey dumpling were the first two winners that I chose. Tuesday is mustard meat day! So good to have you! Since I have to eat gluten, dairy, sugar and preferably additive free, a lot of my time is taken up with recipe searching, ingredient sourcing and cooking. I have a lot of work to do until May 31, so I've been taking time from my sleep to cook. When I work at home, that's fine, but when I work outside for companies, it's less easy to bring food that can be transported and doesn't involve a lot of hassle to eat. Often I'd just bring a sandwich or fruit. Now I can take cooked food, microwaves are everywhere, and I can eat my lunch out of the jar. I have solved this problem with you!

The taste was pleasant and there was enough for one meal. I liked it overall. Storing empty jars is a problem at work for now, but it will make jam... sooner or later.

They are delicious, tasty, well proportioned and filling. I will definitely order more!

I ordered several in reserve and gave 2 of them to my son. One beef and one coconut. He said back that evening that it was delicious, but he didn't have enough. (They made a side dish.) No problem with the taste, delicious, but not enough for a man's man. It was quite expensive by comparison. I apologise, but you asked for an honest answer.

They were all very tasty. We will order again.

So far, I've tried the pineapple and the pineapple lechon. The first taste was perfect, although a bit concentrated for me. I've just had the turkey dumpling, it's totally "into" me, it's fantastic. I'm curious to try the other two, and the others, so that the final order list can be formed. Truth is, I cooked a little whole wheat pasta for the lechon and it handled it well. (Maybe I could have something for the pineapple one..?!) Since I see on the boxes that rice flour or rice is added, I don't know which one requires or can handle a side dish. Congratulations, you're good! Good luck! 🙂

I love it 🙂 I will definitely be ordering more!

So far, I've only tasted the ones that used to be my favourites (pineapple and pepper meat). They are still very tasty. My only problem with it is that it leaves me hungry. Maybe that won't be the case with the ones I'll be making the side dishes for. Although I usually eat these when I don't even have time to cook a rice dish. I looked at the carb content, maybe it's not relevant to others, but I eat 50g CH every day for lunch, so that's not enough for me. Also, about the packaging, I'm very glad it's not plastic anymore, but unfortunately I can't open it without help. And my partner's idea was how nice it would be to be able to change the bottles back somehow. Because now I have 12 identical bottles that I don't want to throw away, but I don't have the space or need.

I experienced very delicate, clean flavours. Gorgeous appearance and really easy handling. A bit pricey, but there you go.

I found the food delicious, and the chicken with green peas was a particular favourite. I especially like that they are dairy and additive free, which is very important to me. I like vegan/vegan food, but somehow the Moroccan chickpeas didn't work for me.

I've only tried 2 dishes so far, the chilli beans and the mustard beef, they were delicious. It was nice to only have to make one side dish and have a filling lunch.

Delicious, tasty, in the right quantity. The packaging is perfect.

I've only tried 1-2, and they were delicious. As you suggested, they are on the shelf - almost as a backup. (Beef with mustard and turkey dumplings with tomatoes.)

Everything went well with the delivery. The food was delicious and of high quality. Thank you.

So far, I've been eating the lentil seeds with vegetables. I have only known lentils as a stew with smoked meat and as a soup according to an Indian recipe, that's the only way I make it. I liked the version you ordered, found the seasoning pleasant and the couscous really went well with it.

Dear Vica and Gábor! We're running low on the 12-pack 🙂 My husband and I have tried the pineapple chicken, turkey dumplings with lechos (dumplings are one of my favorites), beef with mustard, chicken nuggets with vegetables, chicken nuggets with green peas, gerslis ..(oh my gosh, how can I not remember how to make it). I really like the packaging, the fact that it keeps for a relatively long time. It's nice to be able to add a garnish. I liked them all. I was expecting a slightly different flavour with the mustard beef, the one we salted a bit, but apart from that, we sold out of a packet and loved it. We would also welcome meatless dishes. We're glad they are "everything-free" because we have a cupboard full of food allergies 🙁 There was information I couldn't find about the source of the meat. Thank you so much! We are hooked on POLCZ! Congratulations on a wonderful idea and beautiful implementation, nice to see.

Great! I'm glad it's additive-free, so it fits my lifestyle and doesn't hurt my delicate tummy.

Delicious, could do with more vegan food.

They are great! I've had two so far, the pineapple chicken is just as delicious as the old pack 🙂 It's my favourite, but I also love the turkey with the pineapple , I'll definitely order more.

They taste great, I like the way they taste, I eat good quality food. However, for me it's a bit concentrated, so I eat almost everything with some kind of garnish (rice, couscous...) But I don't mind that at all. 🙂 I don't want to be insatiable, but feel free to add more variations! 🙂

Tasty, hearty, quick to prepare.

So far, we have tasted two types of food, both of which I and my husband liked. Both the seasoning and the texture of the food met our expectations. We think the price is a bit steep for any day, but we will definitely keep some of your food in our pantry for lunch or dinner in minutes.

They are very tasty. Our favourites so far are the pineapple and vegetable chicken. We haven't tried them all yet.

Basically, I liked almost all of them. Some of my favourites are: beef mustard, Moroccan chickpeas, they are almost identical to the ones I made. Unfortunately, the turkey with lechon was below, the lechon is too paprikay, a little more tomato would have been nice, but obviously this is a matter of taste. My partner is a fan of the beans and beans in the dish, but he likes the other dishes too.

Finomak. My favourite so far is the turkey dumpling, but I haven't tried them all yet.


Unique, strongly home-style dishes. Very tasty, I think.

I really like the fact that it's not in a plastic box and I can use it anytime within 1 year. A great help on a busy day just to take it off the shelf. My husband likes it too. I also have to watch the carbohydrates as it is labelled, I have no problem with that either. I'm less fond of the Hungarian flavour, flavoured with tomatoes, would be happy to have other flavours.

The mustard beef is perfect, but the rest is much better than average. The size of the packaging and the fact that it comes in a jar made it easy to eat normally.

They are very good. They are beautiful, tasty, useful, easy to use and delicious. Super! Congratulations to you and I wish you all the best with your work!

They are very tasty, hearty and varied. I look forward to expanding the range over time! What makes them even more varied is the side dishes (buckwheat, bulgur, brown rice, millet pasta, etc...) I make to accompany them.

I am completely satisfied.

I haven't tried all of them, but the ones I have tried are absolutely delicious.

The food is richer in flavour than we had hoped. The majority definitely enjoyed it.

Great marketing. I really like that it is additive free. I could imagine more flavours.

In the office, it's our back-up lunch when we don't feel like going out or waiting for an order - and we want to eat a healthy lunch.

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They are tasty, hearty, and give the taste of home cooking. Practical packaging, attractive presentation, very well done.

I am very satisfied with the quality and taste of the food. The beef with mustard is not my taste, but the rest was delicious. I ate it for lunch at work and of course my colleagues tasted it too. It was an unqualified success. The next time I ordered it, I had more people coming in. I wonder if there will be new dishes. So far, the chicken with green peas has been my favourite, but the chickpeas are close behind. I hope this quality is maintained for a long time, I find it unique. Good luck for the rest! Thank you.

We loved them all! 🙂 

Hello! My husband and I have tasted two so far, my husband didn't like the smoked tray beans so much, but I did. The other one was the mustard beef, we both really liked it, it was delicious even!!!! The rest we will break down later because we bought it for work in case of emergency! 🙂 Wishing you guys continued success and we will definitely order again!

Both my partner and I found the food I ordered very tasty, impeccable quality and packaging, but we were not satisfied with the quantity, because we could eat much more of this delicacy. What I might suggest is that the meatless dishes could be expanded.

Delicious, really homey, I think the portion size is just right, my partner enjoyed it too 🙂

They are all very delicate, with a harmonious flavour.

I really like the chicken with pineapple, and the chilli beans with chickpeas are delicious. So far I've tasted these.

I was perfectly satisfied!

So far I've tried 3 dishes /chicken stew with vegetables, beef with mustard, turkey with gersli cabbage/, all of them were delicious, I liked the last one the best. I thought they were a little too salty, but not enough to deter me from ordering more.

First of all they are beautiful! I have already tasted one, it was delicious!


First of all they are beautiful!

I have already tasted one, it was delicious!

They are delicious! They do look a bit "odd", as you point out on the website. But they taste delicious. Easy quick delicious, healthy lunch for my school!

Have a nice day... Yes, I've tried two of them, and I'm very satisfied, especially because the ready meal comes in a jar, and there's no aftertaste like the "canned" ones in the jar. That's why I was very curious to know what it tasted like and what it tasted like. I like it better when I heat it in a pan, because I don't really like microwaves. In my opinion, the amount of portions is sufficient, even enough for two, if you add some rice or potatoes. So you can vary it. I hope you will come up with more good ideas and dishes, although the choice is already good.

They taste good, I like them. With the rice we just thought maybe it's not the right format, it's a bit weird in texture. The beef is definitely super!

A very tasty, generous portion. I bought several different kinds, all delicious.