Product related questions

Why is the number of packages fixed? Can't I order as many as I want?

You can choose between 6, 12, 18, 24... packs to ensure that the bottles can be transported safely without breaking. Although the number of pieces is fixed, you can choose the food according to your taste.

What are POLCZ foods?

One portion of food in a jar. Typically one-dish meals, they just need to be heated. What makes them special is that they are free from additives, preservatives, flavour enhancers and added sugars common in the food industry. They are also dairy, gluten and egg free. Don't expect some extravagant gourmet dish, as these are more like home-made. They're simple, just as if they were made at home.

How long will Polcz food be available?

You can find the current expiry dates for each product in the webshop by clicking on the "More information" button under the product name.

What is the dose?

Our products range from 330-350g. Obviously it depends on your appetite, but this is usually enough for one main meal. People with a more active lifestyle can eat extra side dishes and bread with their main meals.

This portion is just enough to keep you well fed and avoid a post-eating food coma.

Is it like a daily menu?

No, not at all. These foods can be seen more as a kind of (emergency) reserve. You order a pack, keep a few bottles at home and at work. If you barely have time between two meetings or your fridge is empty at home, you just grab one, heat it up and you're ready for a delicious hot lunch or dinner.

What do you mean by additive-free?

These recipes are made in the kitchen of a careful housewife who cares about the ingredients she uses to cook her family's lunch. Not only do we not add additives to our meals, but we choose the ingredients we use so that they are not in them. Salt should not be treated with anti-caking agents, spice mixtures should not contain flavour enhancers, etc.

Is it really done in 2 minutes?

Really! 🙂

Most of our dishes just need to be heated up for you - 2 minutes - and you can eat them straight away.

We have a few dishes that are worth making a side dish for, these are indicated in the serving tips on the product pages.
Even so, you'll still be able to make a complete meal extra quickly, and one that can be served for two.

What should I expect when I open a bottle?

Because we don't use additives, the food may seem "strange" at first. There are no emulsifiers in any of them, so the oil, for example, precipitates.

Think about when you cook a stew, soup or stew at home. If you have some left over and refrigerate it, it won't look as delicious as it did when it was freshly steamed. Our food will look the same when you open the jar. So scoop the contents of the jar onto a plate or pan and heat it up. It will then look as if you have just finished cooking.

Shelf life without refrigeration - without preservatives. How is this possible?

Thanks exclusively to safe and careful heat treatment and hermetically sealed packaging, our additive-free food will last for months on the shelf without refrigeration. Our products are preserved only by heat treatment.

This process requires far more attention, control and cost than chemical preservation. The reason we see so many food preservatives in so many foods is that they are easier and cheaper to use.

Read our blog post on this here.

Questions about payment

How can I pay for the package?

Once you have selected your parcel and chosen the delivery method that suits you best, you can choose from the following payment methods:

  1. By credit card: you can pay through Barion's encrypted system. At the end of the purchase, you will be redirected to an encrypted page where you will be asked to enter your card details and the amount will be deducted immediately.
  2. With Barion wallet: if you have a Barion wallet, you can choose this payment method and pay directly from your e-wallet.
  3. Payment by credit card - Stripe: when you make a purchase, the card details you enter for payment are encrypted and enter the Stripe system through the payment gateway. The data is then sent to the receiving bank, which processes the transaction.
  4. Cash on delivery: you have the option to pay cash on delivery for home delivery. You can choose to pay for your order either in cash or by credit card at the time of collection. The fee for cash on delivery is HUF 599.

Questions about transport

How much does the transport cost?

The delivery charge is EUR 5.

Free delivery on orders of 12 products by the bottle.