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Úspešne ste sa zapojili do súťaže!

You finally get home from work feeling peckish, you're sure you can't wait for the food delivery to arrive with, but you don't have any energy to cook either...

This is when POLCZ comes to your rescue. You just take it off the shelf,
screw the cap off, pop it in the microwave and it's done in 2 minutes


You finally get home from work, your eyes are bothering you with hunger, you're sure you can't wait for a delivery boy to come with your food, but you don't have the energy to cook...

Just take it off the shelf, screw the cap on, throw it in the microwave and it's ready in 2 minutes.

1 box = 1 lunch or dinner

for those days when you don't feel like cooking

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Just take the box off the pantry shelf and after two minutes of heating, you'll have a delicious and nutritious lunch, free from allergens and additives.

Test winner Institute said: VERY GOOD

We show you how easy it works

So you can have a delicious meal on the table in 2 minutes, even on a busy day. Without any additives and preservatives!

Take the POLCZ ready-made meal off the shelf

Heat it up on the stove or in the microwave

After 2 minutes of heating you can eat it


now instead of 4,49 euro you can get it for 3,99 euro delicious without any additives, ready in 2 minutes!

Our products are now available in Germany!


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Wait no longer and try our additive-free products!

Believe me, you'll thank yourself if you prepare for the tough days ahead!

Don't wait any longer, sign up and taste our additive-free products!

Believe me, you'll thank yourself if you prepare for the tough days ahead!


POLCZ was born out of the recognition of our own problem. We couldn't find a ready-made product on the shelves that we, as health-conscious people, could consume with peace of mind during our busy weekdays. We missed products that were quick to prepare and not full of added sugar and additives. In the end, we decided to create dishes that met our own expectations. We then made them available to anyone who, like ourselves, is looking for a practical, tasty and free from additives.


Thanks exclusively to safe and careful heat treatment and hermetically sealed packaging, our additive-free food will last for months on the shelf without refrigeration. Our products are preserved only by heat treatment.

This process requires far more attention, control and cost than chemical preservation. The reason we see so many food preservatives in so many foods is that they are easier and cheaper to use.


Questions about products

One portion of food in a jar. Typically one-dish meals, they just need to be heated. What makes them special is that they are free from additives, preservatives, flavour enhancers and added sugars common in the food industry. They are also dairy, gluten and egg free.
These recipes are like something from the kitchen of a caring housewife who cares about the ingredients she uses to prepare her family's meals. Not only do we not add additives to our meals, we choose ingredients that are free of them. For example, salt should not contain anti-caking agents, spice mixes should not contain flavour enhancers, etc.
Don't expect some extravagant gourmet dish, because these meals are more like home-cooked meals. They are simple, as if they were made at home.

Avoid preservative processes and additives that only benefit food manufacturers. For example. We don't use palm oil just because it's cheaper - A good example is turkey noodle soup. In this dish, the dumplings are made in the same way as at home: with real turkey meat that we mince ourselves. If you look at similar products in supermarkets, you will probably find something like 'mechanically separated meat' instead of meat, i.e. meat left over from the bones - You can see that the first ingredient in our meat dishes is usually meat, and in the case of vegetable dishes it is actually vegetables. In most similar products, water is the first ingredient. (Note: When listing the ingredients of a dish, list the ingredients in descending order of how much of each has been used. What's at the front is the most in the product.) - POLCZ foods are tasty because we use good ingredients, so we don't need to use flavourings or flavour enhancers. (Note: Flavourings and flavour enhancers have proliferated to enhance ingredients that aren't exactly tasty, or to imitate ingredients that were never in the product to give flavour.) Following these principles, we can make tasty foods that taste like they were made at home.

You can find the current expiry dates for each product in the webshop by clicking on the "More information" button under the product name.

Our products are 340g and 350g (except for Kennivaló Vegan Bacon Cream, which is 330g). Obviously it depends on your appetite, but this is usually enough for a main meal. Some of the girls couldn't even eat it all at once, but those with bigger appetites can have extra side dishes and bread with the main courses.

In our opinion, and in the opinion of most of us who have tasted it, it's just enough to keep you well fed and avoid the post-eating food coma.

Yes, most of our dishes just need to be heated up for you - 2 minutes - and you can eat them straight away.

We have a few dishes that are worth making a side dish for, these are indicated in the serving tips on the product pages.

Even so, you'll still be able to make a complete meal extra quickly, and one that can be served for two.