Pineapple chicken with rice


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Pineapple and rice dish with coconut cream sauce

We know that the combination of chicken and pineapple with cream is almost impossible to get tired of. We put a little herb twist on it. From now on, if you're craving this flavour, just pull out your drawer and pull out a jar.

Gluten-free guaranteed from our webshop! Look for the gluten-free icon on the packaging of our reselling partners!

TIP: Once heated, you can season the pineapple chicken with nutmeg, pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice or even fresh herbs to taste.


Ingredients: chicken thigh fillet 36%, pineapple cubes 18%, 100% pineapple juice from concentrate, 100% coconut milk, red onion, rice mix 7% (brown rice, wild rice), brown rice flour, coconut oil, drinking water, 100% lemon juice from concentrate, table salt, spices

Retains its quality (day/month/year): 07/09/2025

Net weight: 350g (1 dose)

Nutritional values:

Average nutritional value in 100g 1 serving
Energy (kJ/kcal) 613/147 2145/514
Fat (g) 7,0 24,4
-of which saturated fatty acids (g) 5,1 17,8
Carbohydrate (g) 11,4 40,0
-of which sugars (g) 4,1 14,3
Dietary fibre (g) 0,6 2,2
Protein (g) 8,3 28,9
Salt (g) 0,9 3,2

Stock up on a few bottles! Next time, just grab it off the shelf or out of your bag, heat it up in 2 minutes and you're ready for a delicious lunch or dinner, without additives, preservatives, dairy, gluten, eggs or added sugar.

Preparation suggestion: the product can be consumed immediately after heating. Pour the contents of the jar into a pan and heat on the stove or place on a plate in the microwave.

Without added sugar. Contains only naturally occurring sugars.

It contains no preservatives, so it should be kept refrigerated after opening and consumed within 1 day.

In unopened condition, the product does not require refrigeration and is heat treated.

The product is made in a plant using peanuts, tree nuts, mustard, soya, celery and sesame seeds.


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